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Hunterdon Hills Collie Club

April 5, 2008 -- Judge Marjorie Tuff
Sweepstakes: Anne Bowes

Dogs In Competition: 56
Roughs: 9-19 (3-1) 1-1
Smooths: 10-8 (1-3)

Best of Breed/Smooth Best of Variety

CH Provenhill's Dance With The Devil (Tri/D)
Breeder: Kris Provenzano
Owner: Kris Provenzano and Leigh Cohen
Sire: CH Orion's Sundance
Dam: CH Provenhill's No Angel
Handler: Kris Provenzano

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/ Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

CH Tartanside Brookwood Fiesta (Tri/B)
Breeder: Francis Hughes, John Buddie
Owner: Marti Wexlin
Sire: CH Tartanside Dauntless
Dam: Tartanside Lochwynde Impulse
Handler: Marti Wexlin

Rough Best of Variety

CH Tartanside Avant-Garde (Sable/D)
Breeder: John Buddie
Owner: Vivienne Richards
Sire: CH Tartanside Select
Dam: CH Tartanside Foolproof
Handler: John Buddie

Rough Best of Winners/Winners Dog

Milas Absolute Latin (Am-Bred)
Breeder: Lynn Butler and Lotta Hedman
Owner: Lynn Butler and Lotta Hedman
Sire: CH Windhaven Stranger In Paradise
Dam: Milas Scarborough First Seen
Handler: Lotta Hedman

Rough Winners Bitch

Overland Frozen In Time (Open/Blue)
Breeder: Harry Schulman and Marcy and Mike Fine
Owner: Linda Wooleyhan
Sire: CH Overland Icestorm
Dam: CH Strathmoor's Sacred Ground
Handler: Lotta Hedman

Rough Reserve Winners Dog

Highcroft Bourne Travler (6-9)
Breeder: Pat Atkins, Leslie and Don Jeszewski
Owner: Candace Ardizzone, Bree Anne Ardizzone and Rebecca Tehon
Sire: CH Highcroft Bourne Supremacy
Dam: CH Overland Pearlessence
Handler: Bree Anne Ardizzone

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch

Roblyn Clarion Clandestine
Breeder: Evelyn Godown and Judie Evans
Owner: Evelyn Godown
Sire: CH Roblyn Everything Is Eventual
Dam: Clarion Dandelion Wine
Handler: Evelyn Godown

Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

CH Special Bare N' Blue (Blue/B)
Breeder: Laura LaBounty
Owner: Patricia Yaeger
Sire: CH Sealore's Just One Night
Dam: CH Chavanda Blue Beary
Handler: Ryan Yaeger

Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Dog

Travler's Federal Espresso (6-9/Sable)
Breeder: Joanne Pringle and Rebecca Tehon
Owner: Rebecca Tehon
Sire: CH Travler's Pierce Arrow
Dam: Thistlebrae Iced Decaf
Handler: Candy Ardizzone

Smooth Winners Bitch

Thistlebrae Travler Iced Decaf
Breeder: Joanne Pringle, Rebecca Tehon
Owner: Joanne Pringle, Rebecca Tehon
Sire: CH Overland Gathering Storm ROM
Dam: CH Travler's Double Mocha Latte
Handler: Kate Eldri

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog

Camloch La-De Da Alliance (BBE/Sable)
Breeder: Laura M LaCongo, Krista and David Hansen DVM
Owner: Krista Hansen and David E Hansen DVM
Sire: CH Tartanside Taejon
Dam: CH Camloch Ba-Da-Bing
Handler: Krista Hansen

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch

Camloch Fingerpaint (BBE/Blue)
Breeder: Krista Hansen and David E. Hansen, DVM 
Owner:  Krista Hansen and David E. Hansen, DVM 
Sire: CH Camloch Sophistication
Dam: CH Tartanside Camloch Bewitched
Handler: Krista Hansen

Best Junior Handler

Bree Anne Ardizzone (Open/Senior)

Best Bred By Exhibitor

Limericks Color Guard (Blue/D)
Breeder: Caroline Jones
Owner: Caroline Jones
Sire: CH Limericks Tartanside Patriot
Dam: CH Limericks Escapade
Handler: Caroline Jones

Best in Sweepstakes

Clarion Opalescence (B)
Breeder: Sherry Hamilton
Owner: Erin Blaisure and Judie Evans
Sire: CH Clarion Sky On Fire
Dam: Clarion Cloud Of Infiniti
Handler: Erin Blaisure

Best of Opposite to Best in Sweeps

Littlefield's Tartanside Criterion (D)
Breeder: John Buddie and David Supplee and Cathy Squire
Owner: Cathy Squire
Sire: Tartanside Preferred
Dam: Tartanside Can Can
Handler: Cathy Squire


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