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Collie Club of Minnesota

February 9, 2013 (PM)

Carol Steiner

Roughs: 10-14 (5-2) 0-2
Smooths: 5-8 (2-2) 1-0

Best of Breed/Smooth Best of Variety
GCH Lisara's Smooth Operator (Veteran/D)
Breeder: Carmen and Larry Leonard
Owner: Carmen Leonard and Jerry Sulewski
Sire: CH Overland Golden Opportunity
Dam: CH Lisara's Three Times A Lady
Handler: Cody Sulewski
Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety
Talesin Mirabeau Gloriana
Breeder: Jennifer Duhon and Michael Rutkas
Owner: Retha Cable and Stella Durham
Sire: CH Tartanside Power Play
Dam: Taliesin Savannah
Handler: Michael Rutkas
Rough Best of Variety
GCH Alaric Bound By The Heart (Sable/D)
Breeder: Patricia and Allyson Caldwell and Debbie Holland
Owner: Allyson, Patricia and Ray Caldwell
Sire: CH Fleur-De Lis's Secret Weapon ROM
Dam: Fantasy's Miracles Happen
Rough Select Awards
GCH Laredo Here Comes The Sun (Sable/D)
Breeder: Susan Webber
Owner: Susan Webber
Sire: CH Twin City Secret Ambition
Dam: Horizon's Calico Skies
Handler: Cody Sulewski

CH Highcroft Seaspray (B)
Breeder: Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Owner: Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Sire: CH Highcroft Charizma Icon
Dam: CH Overland Highcroft Frosting

Rough Best of Winners/Winners Dog
Fury's Days of Thunder
Breeder: Jean and Jim Framke
Owner: Jean and Jim Framke
Sire: GCH Laredo Here Comes The Sun
Dam: Fury's Life's A Dance
Handler: Jean Framke
Rough Winners Bitch
Highcroft Twilight Delight
Breeder Leslie Jeszewski, Sharon Lilja, Courtney and Lindsey Dowling
owner: Leslie Jeszewski and Sharon Lilja
Sire: CH Highcroft Worth The Wait
Dam: Highcroft Sophies Choice
Rough Reserve Winners Dog
Valley Park Davenloch's Dominion
Breeder: Michelle Struble and Jeanie Driscoll
Owner: David Clark and Shawn Relland
Sire: CH Tartanside Allegiance ROM
Dam: Jjaed VP Bare Necessities
Handler: Michelle Struble
Rough Reserve Winners Bitch
Sollis Adagio Of Archens (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Barbara Saterbo and Michelle Struble
Owner: Mary Lou Carlson
Sire: Valley Parks Ponderosa Pine
Dam: CH Tartanside Allusion
Handler: Lis Johnston
Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety
CH Anstett's Star Gazer (B)
Breeder: Patricia and Rachel Anstett, Amy Ross, Brian Elwell
Owner: John Jola
Sire: CH Timeless Trade Secret
Dam: Anstett Oak Knoll Safire Star
Handler: John Jola
Smooth Select Awards
CH Anstett Rigamarole (D)
Breeder: Amy Ross, Brian Elwell, Patricia and Rachel Anstett
Owner: Amy Ross, Brian Elwell, Patricia and Rachel Anstett
Sire: CH Anstett Oak Knolls Olympic Grafitti
Dam:CH Anstett Oak Knolls Stiletto
Handler Amy Ross

CH Lisara's Glen More Silver Starlet (B)
Breeder: Carmen and Larry Leonard
Owner: Kim Wood
Sire: Wyndlair Avalanche
Dam: CH Lisara's Abra Kadabra
Handler: Kim Wood
Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Bitch
Lisara's Dancing In The Dark
Breeder: Lawrence and Carmen Leonard
Owner: Lawrence and Carmen Leonard
Sire: CH Lisara's Tuff Love
Dam: CH Lisara's Dancing With The Stars
Handler: Jerry Sulewski
Smooth Winners Dog
Calavar Back To The Future
Breeder: Theresa Thomas and Susan Abelt
Owner: Lois Eld
Sire: Calvar Moonstruck 11
Dam:CH Calavar Golden Rectangle
Handler: Deanna Levenhagen
Smooth Reserve Winners Dog
Northern Oaks Anstett Sole Survivor
Breeder: Rebecca Ekstedt and Rachael Johnson
Owner: Rebecca Ekstedt, Rachael Johnson and Patricia Anstett
Sire: CH Anstett Oak Knoll Olympic Grafitti
Dam: CH Wild Winds Mustang Sally
Handler Sarah Jola
Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch
Oak Knoll Sapphire Secrets
Breeder: Amy Ross, Brian Elwell, John and Mary Davis
Owner: Amy Ross, Brian Elwell, John and Mary Davis
Sire: CH L'gacy Twist Of Fate
Dam: Oak Knolls Secret Star
Handler: Amy Ross
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