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Northern Arizona Collie Fanciers

June 10, 2011 (PM Show)
Breed Judge: Lynn Peterson

Roughs: Roughs: 6-17 (5-3) dogs 2 pts, bitches 4 pts
Smooths: 6-3 (2-0) 0-1 dogs 5 pts, bitches 1 pt

> This specialty was dedicated to Mary Kittredge and John Kavanagh

Best of Breed/Rough Best of Variety/Best of Winners/Winners Dog -- To Finish

Foggy Bay Sentimental Journey, PT, RE (D)
Breeder: Diane Parness
Owner: Diane Parness
Sire: CH Chelsea The Crown Prince
Dam: CH Arrowhill Nonpareil

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Smooth Best of Variety

CH Kingsmark First Impression, OA, OAJ (Veteran/Smooth/B)
Breeder: John J. Kavanagh and Carol Brim
Owner: Cynthia Childrey and Jane Cooley
Sire: CH Kingsmark Standing Alone
Dam: CH Kingsmark I'm A Believer

Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

CH Snowy Peaks Jubilee (B)
Breeder: Joan Armitage and Leslie Jeszewski
Owner: Joan Armitage and Stan Rock
Sire: CH Gentry's Braveheart
Dam: CH Highcroft Affirmation

Rough Winners Bitch -- To Finish

Foggy Bay Moonglow
Breeder: Diane L Parness
Owner: Diane L Parness
Sire: CH Heatherlyn High Court Sensation
Dam: CH Arrowhill-Foggy Bay Alliance

Rough Reserve Winners Dog

Kingsmark Silver Spark
Breeder: John Kavanagh
Owner: Shannon Gottschammer
Sire: CH Kingsmark Between the Lines
Dam: CH Kingsmark Arrowhill Adieu

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch

Burlywood Bright And Early
Breeder: Melinda and Duane Sunnarborg
Owner: Melinda and Duane Sunnarborg
Sire: CH Galatean Game Time HIC
Dam: Burlywood Black Diamond

Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

GCh Travler's Pierce Arrow (D)
Breeder: Candace Ardizzone, Rebecca Tehon, Bree Anne Ardizzone
Owner: Candace Ardizzone, Rebecca Tehon, Bree Anne Ardizzone and Gary Lewis
Sire: CH Marnus Lucky Strike
Dam: CH Travler's Liberty Sport ROM

Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Bitch

Turnberry First Move
Breeder: Jane Cooley and Cynthia Childrey
Owner: Jane Cooley and Cynthia Childrey
Sire: CH Timeless Golden Image
Dam: CH Kingsmark First Impression, OA, OAJ

Smooth Winners Dog -- To Finish

Cameo's Gunsmoke
Breeder: Edward and Brinda Lee Chavez
Owner: Edward and Brinda Lee Chavez
Sire: Cameo's Stitches In Time
Dam: CH Cameo's Secret Passion HIC

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog

Turnberry Golden Impression
Breeder: Jane Cooley and Cynthia Childrey
Owner: Jane Cooley and Cynthia Childrey
Sire: CH Timeless Golden Image
Dam: CH Kingsmark First Impression, OA, OAJ

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch

Lindale Laugh Dance Dream
Breeder: Linda Tefelski
Owner: Linda Tefelski
Sire: CH Merrytime Shalee JFK
Dam: CH Lindale Only A Dream

Select Awards

CH Alcor Affirmative Action (Rough/D)
Breeder: Susan Joslin
Owner: SusanJoslin
Sire: GCH Gentry's Braveheart
Dam: CH Alcor X's And O's

CH Fairbanks Desert Mirage
Breeder: Lisa Ale
Owner: Lisa Ale
Sire: CH Gambits Scintillation
Dam: CH Fairbanks Desert Safari HIC


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