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San Gabriel Valley Collie Club

March 26, 2011 (PM)
Breed Judge: Michael Van Tassell

Number of Entries: 72
Dogs in Competition: 67
Roughs: 14-16 (2-3) 0-1 Dogs 4 points, Bitches 4 points
Smooths: 8-10 (5-8) Dogs 4 points, Bitches 4 points
Juniors: 2

Best of Breed/Rough Best of Variety

CH Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication (Rough/D)
Breeder: Matt and Anita Stelter and June Morris
Owner: Renee Beals
Sire: Wyndlair Avalanche
Dam: CH Twin City Cleopatra

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

GCH Lonepine Who Knew (Sable/B)
Breeder: Vicky Kniss and Heather and Vicky Newcomb
Owner: Vicky Kniss
Sire: CH Keepsake Builder of Dreams
Dam: CH Keepsake Lonepine Nohair-To-Go HIC

Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

CH Overland's True Romance (Rough/B)
Breeder: Marcy and Mike Fine
Owner: Julia Knece
Sire: CH Overland In Suspense
Dam: CH Overland Summer In Paris

Rough Best of Winners/Winners Dog -- To Finish

Heatherlyn Bronze Legacy
Breeder: Marian Darrow, Mary Sadler
Owner: Marian Darrow, Mary Sadler
Sire: CH Edenrock Bronze Warrior
Dam: CH Heatherlyn Edenrock Legacy

Rough Winners Bitch

Fairway Forever Elizabeth Ets
Breeder: Miriam Stempler, Julie Sandoval
Owner: Miriam Stempler
Sire: CH Easy To Spot Whirlaway
Dam: Fairway Pretty In Pink

Rough Reserve Winners Dog

Gambit's Skyview Velocity
Breeder: Virginia and Gerald Squier and Linda Hash and Barbara O'Keefe
Owner: Suzy Royds & Linda Hash and Barbara O'Keefe
Sire: CH Gambit's Chasing Shadows
Dam: CH Gambit's Here For The Party

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch

Laurien Misty Morn
Breeder: Jean Cullen
Owner: Jean Cullen
Sire: CH Gambits Yankee Blue
Dam: Bonay's Ella Enchanted

Smooth Best of Variety

CH Classique Wyndlair Alliance (Sable/D)
Breeder: Leslie and Al Hernandez and Anita Stelter
Owner: Matt and Anita Stelter and Leslie and Al Hernandez
Sire: CH Classique Dare Devil
Dam: CH Classique Call Me Irresistible

Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Bitch

Deep River Visions Of Sugar Plums
Breeder: Pamela Brown and Kathy Moll
Owner: Suzy Royds
Sire: CH Deep River’s Bow and Arrow
Dam: CH Deep River’s Shock Value

Smooth Winners Dog

Jola's Storm Warning
Breeder: Cecilia Fouty
Owner: Cecilia Fouty
Sire: CH Jola’s A Perfect Storm
Dam: Jola’s She’s Solid Gold

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog

Wildwood's At The Stroke Of Midnight
Breeder S. and J. Owens, R Jone., L Langham
Owner: S. and J. Owens
Sire: CH Gambits Wheel Of Fortune
Dam: CH Wildwoods Midnight Masquerade

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch

Keepsake Edenrock Glitz N' Glam
Breeder: Cindy Weiner-Robinson and Heather Newcomb
Owner: Heather Newcomb and Cindy Weiner-Robinson
Sire: CH Edenrock King Of The Road
Dam: CH Edenrock Keepsake Fergilicious

Select Awards

CH Stoneypoint Undercover (Rough/D)
Breeder: Rick and Gwen Medlin and Robert and Joan Berfield
Owner: Joan Berfield, Ed Degner and Gwen Medlin
Sire: CH Stoneypoint Unleashed
Dam: Barkdsale Stoneypoint Delovely

CH Raven's Virtual Reality Of Edenrock (Rough/B)
Breeder: Anna Gervasio and Adria Weiner
Owner: Anna Gervasio
Sire: CH Kirkwood Larchmont Reign of Fire
Dam: Edenrock De Ja Vu

CH Row-Bar’s Born To Run (Smooth/D)
Breeder: Stephen Johns and Robette Johns
Owner: Stephen Johns, Robette Johns
Sire: CH Row-Bars Sum of All Fears, HT
Dam: CH Row-Bar’s Cimarron Rose

Wildwood Comstock Can't Help Being Fabulous (Smooth/B)
Breeder Susan Owens and L. Langham
Owner Susan and Jeff Owens and L. Langham
Sire: CH Gambit's Incantations
Dam: Comstock Bella Notte

Best Junior Handler

Hannah Melissas
Handling: CH Edenrock A-dora-ble

Best Puppy

Entais Wild Cardiff (9-12/Rough/Sable/B)
Breeder: Diana Hiiesalu-Bain, Julie Sandoval
Owner: Diana Hiiesalu-Bain, Julie Sandoval
Sire: CH Timeless River's Edge
Dam: Entais Soleil


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