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Kansas City Collie Club

March 16, 2012
Breed Judge: Dr. Roger Prichard

Hosted by Leavenworth Kennel Club

Smooths: 4-3 (1-4)
Roughs: 6-5 (2-0)

Smooth Best of Variety

CH Tango's Love Is A Long Road (B)
Breeder: Maria Russell and Constance Parmeter
Owner: Maria (Lily) Russell
Sire: Afterhours Under The Sun
Dam: CH Tango's She's Got The Look

Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

CH Tango's Brace For Impact At Balmoral (D)
Breeder: Lily Russell
Owner: Pat and Allen Rawitch
Sire: CH Cyndella's Triple Shot
Dam: CH Tango's She's Got The Look

Smooth Select Award

CH L'gacy Rock My World (B)
Breeder: Alisa Pesek
Owner: Sheri Cothran
Sire: L'gacy Revolution
Dam: L'gacy Gemstone

Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Bitch

Wild Wind's Don't Stop Believing (BBE)
Breeder: Michelle and Laura Bergstraser
Owner: Michelle and Laura Bergstraser
Sire: CH Wild Wind's Tell Me No Lies
Dam: CH Cyndella's Wild Wind Centerford

Smooth Winners Dog

L'gacy Take It Easy (6-9)
Breeder: Alisa Pesek
Owner: Alisa Pesek
Sire: Ch L'gacy Easy Come Easy Go
Dam: L'gacy Arctic Eclipse

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog

Byluc Sage Brush Masked Man (9-12)
Breeder: M Mayhew, T Byerly and C Green
Owner: M Dorris and T Byerly
Sire: CH Byluc's The Devil Made Me Do It
Dam: CH Byluc's Brilliant Diquise

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch

L'gacy Aylinn Easy To Believe (6-9)
Breeder: Alisa Pesek
Owner: Suzanne Wise and Alisa Pesek
Sire: CH L'gacy Easy Come Easy Go
Dam: L'gacy Arctic Eclipse

Rough Best of Variety

CH Highcroft Lode Ark Legacy (D)
Breeder: Pat Atkins, Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Owner: Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Sire: CH Overland In Suspense
Dam: CH Highcroft Lode-Ark Liberty

Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety/Best of Winners/Winners Bitch

Juell's National Velvet (BBE)
Breeder: Russell Dyke and Julie Hinrichsen
Owner: Russell Dyke and Julie Hinrichsen
Sire: CH Gentry's Braveheart
Dam: Juell's Queen Of Spades

Rough Select Award

GCH Arrowhill Sword Held High (D)
Breeder: Clarence Lee and Laurie Jeff Greer
Owner: Clarence Lee and Laurie Jeff Greer
Sire: CH Gentry's Braveheart
Dam: CH Arrowhill Foggy Bay Alliance

Rough Winners Dog

Victory Hill Kendra's Echo Of The Past (BBE)
Breeder: Sandra Thompson and Carolyn Foreman
Owner: Carolyn Foreman, Rita Barthuly and Sandra Thompson
Sire: Victory Hills Spectular
Dam: Kendras Bits And Pieces

Rough Reserve Winners Dog

Kelmar's Dream Along With Me (Am Bred)
Breeder: Peggy Howard and Marjorie Higgins
Owner: Beverly Mendenhall & Peggy Howard
Sire: CH Kelmar's Smooth Sensation
Dam: CH Kelmar's Declaration Of Love

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch

Cyndella's Pandalicious (BBE)
Breeder: Kelly Neeley
Owner: Kelly Neeley
Sire: CH Taliesin Lynmar's Kung Fu Panda
Dam: CH Cyndella's Miss July

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