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Northern Wisconsin Collie Club

March 8, 2014
Breed Judge: Maralyn Busse
Juniors: 3
Sweeps Judge: Amy Ross

Roughs: 12-13 (5-1) 0-1
Smooths: 2-7 (0-2) 1-0
Sweeps: 3-3

Best of Breed/Rough Best of Variety
GCH Highcroft Worth The Wait (Blue/D)
Breeder: Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Owner: Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Sire: CH Highcroft Stone Blue
Dam: Charizma Highcroft Style
Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Smooth Best of Variety
GCH Jereco's Satin Sheets (Blue/B)
Breeder: Cheryl Sulewski, Jerry Sulewski and Cody Sulewski
Owner: Jerry, Cheryl, Cody and Ken Sulewski
Sire: GCH Lisara's Smooth Operator
Dam: Jereco's Northern Lights
Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety
CH Lynmar's My Hearts Desire (B)
Breeder: Lynn Arneson
Owner: Lynn Arneson
Sire: CH Taliesin Lynmar's Kung Fu Panda
Dam: CH Lynmar's Steel Your Heart
Rough Best of Winners/Winners Dog -- 3 pts
Alaric In Fields Of Gold (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Patricia and Allyson Caldwell and Debbie Holland
Owner: Patricia Caldwell, Allyson Caldwell and Ray Caldwell
Sire: CH Fleur De Lis's Secret Weapon
Dam: CH Fantasy's Miracles Happen
Rough Select
CH Tapestry Trademark (D)
Breeder: Steve and Lisa Finken
Owner: Steve and Lisa Finken
Sire: CH Tapestry Tradition In Thyme
Dam: Tapestry Serendipity

CH Lisara's A Tri To Remember CGC
Breeder: Carmen and Lawrence Leonard
Owner: Nancy Berg and Kenneth Berg
Sire: CH Lisara's Hair Unapparent
Dam: CH Lisara's Portrait in Black
Rough Winners Bitch -- 3 pts
Tapestry Thyme After Thyme (BBE)
Breeder: Steve and Lisa Finken
Owner: Steve and Lisa Finken
Sire: CH Tapestry Traditions In Thyme
Dam: CH Tapestry Mamma Mia
Rough Reserve Winners Dog
Jolis-Aspen Chasing Sunset (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Elisabeth Johnston
Owner: Elisabeth Johnston and Sharon Hesterberg
Sire: GCH Aspen's I'll Chase The Sunbeam
Dam: CH Redwood Komali Breaking Dawn
Rough Reserve Winners Bitch
Cinhaven Fantasy Autumn Affair (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Debbie Holland and Jody Ostrowski-Greenberg
Owner: Michael and Cindy Poturalski
Sire: Autumn Sun The Golden Hour
Dam: Fantasy's Secret Affair
Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety
GCH Lisara's Smooth Operator (Veteran/Tri/D)
Breeder: Carmen and Larry Leonard
Owner: Carmen Leonard and Jerry Sulewski
Sire: CH Overland Golden Opportunity
Dam: CH Lisara's Three Times A Lady
Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Dog -- 4 pts
Moonstone's Night Prowler HSAs (Open)
Breeder: Louise Torkelson
Owner: Louis Torkelson
Sire: GCH Wynhaven's Moon Shadow BN RN HSAds OA AXJ NJP OF
Dam: CH Briallens Black Pearl CD RA PT OA AXJ
Smooth Select
CH Komali Aspen Cold As Fire (B)
Breeder: Sharon Hesterberg
Owner: Georgia Killoran and Sharon Hesterberg
Sire: CH Lanmark Artic Force
Dam: Aspen's Magic Potion
Smooth Winners Bitch -- 4 pts
Lynmar's Darkened Victory (6-9)
Breeder: Lynn Arneson
Owner: Lynn Arneson
Sire: CH Lynmar's Memories Of The Heart
Dam: CH Lynmar's Ponderosa Sky
Smooth Reserve Winners Dog
Aspen-Jolis Lightening Strikes (6-9)
Breeder: Mitzi Soldner
Owner: Sharon Hesterberg and Elisabeth Johnston
Sire: GCH Aspens I'll Chase the Sunbeam
Dam: Redwood Bit O Heaven Enchanting
Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch
Larisa's Divine Intervined Cadenza (Open)
Breeder: Cathy Keefer Meier, Karen Martin, Kathy DeChello and Kia Pirro
Owner: Melodie Haddon, John Haddon and Cathy Keefer Meier
Sire: GCH Travler's Greased Lightning
Dam: CH Marchello's Angel Baby
Best Junior Handler
Georgia Killoran (Novice)
Handling: CH Komali Aspen Cold As Fire
Sweepstakes Awards
Best in Sweepstakes
Highcroft Rock Star (6-9/Rough/D)
Breeder: Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Owner: Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Sire: CH Highcroft Night Ryder
Dam: CH Highcroft Seaspray

Runner Up to Best in Sweepstakes
Fantasy's Cocktail Party At Autumn-Sun (6-9/Rough/B)
Breeder: Debbie Holland
Owner: Shannon Hayes
Sire: Fantasy's Dragon Quest
Dam: CH Fantasy's Party On
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