Dedication to Sylvie Lingenfelter, Mistress of Glenorka Collies

March 16, 2015

by Sally and Bob Futh

Collie entrepreneur extraordinaire, breeder, exhibitor, judge, and most of you knew her best as Show Chairman of three Collie Club of America's best and best run national specialty shows. She put on an anniversary show that was an extravaganza of celebrating the Collie. And while she was doing it in her “spare time,” Sylvie put together a show manual that was a model of conciseness and correctness.

In nearly forty years of CCA membership, she contributed a lifetime of love and generosity. But the Sylvie we loved was not just an efficient and effective doer. She kept her calm and pleasant demeanor even when roadblocks were thrown up in front of her, always had a kind word for those around her and, oh, that smile!

As we say goodbye to this National Specialty that she planned, but did not live to carry out, remember Sylvie. When you complain about how things are done or not done to your satisfaction, remember a person who never complained, but always set out to do her best.

Sylvie’s brother Rick designed a beautiful bronze trophy as a lasting memorial to Sylvie, to go to the winner of the Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show at the National Specialty . It was placed into competition this year.

Some of her mottos we could all do well to emulate were—Respect, Civility, Transparency, the importance of Communication, and Harmony. All of us need to remember Sylvie, her ideals, and her leadership.

Sylvie's dedication and passion for the Collie spanned several decades. She was the show chair for the Collie Club of America's 125th National Specialty Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as, the CCA National Host Chair in 1995 and 2005. A Collie judge and a member of the CCA for over 40 years, she also bred numerous Champions and CCA National Specialty winners in both coats under the prefix of Glenorka.

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