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East Tennessee Collie Club

November 5, 2011
Breed Judge: Carl Williford

Roughs: 13-7 (1-2) 1-2
Smooths: 5-8 (7-6)

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Best of Breed/Smooth Best of Variety

GCH Provenhill's Devilicious (Blue/B)
Breeder: Judy Virchow, Kris Provenzano, Barbara Stott
Owner: Kris Provenzano and Leigh Cohen
Sire: CH Provenhill's Dance With The Devil
Dam: CH Elsinore's Blues After Midnight

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Rough Best of Variety

GCH Wyndlair Cherokee Vindication (Blue/D)
Breeder: Matt and Anita Stelter and June Morris
Owner: Renee Beals, Laura Rizzo, Matt and Anita Stelter
Sire: Wyndlair Avalanche
Dam: CH Twin City Cleopatra

Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

GCH Taliesin Fashion Forward (Blue/B)
Breeder: Sheela Cheatham
Owner: Jennifer Duhon and Michael Rutkas
Sire: Wyndlair Avalanche
Dam: CH Southland's Long Hot Summer

Rough Select Award

GCH Dea Haven's Memory Maker (Veteran/Sable/D)
Breeder: Judy Bryant
Owner: Judy Bryant
Sire: CH Fantasy's Bronze Talisman ROM
Dam: CH Dea Haven's Marnus On Stage

CH Westwood Fairytale (Veteran/Sable/B)
Breeder: Kathy Drabik
Owner: Kathy Drabik
Sire: CH Shenstones Intriguing Too
Dam: CH Westwood Diamond Girl

Rough Best of Winners/Winners Bitch

Westwood Niddala
Breeder: Dan Cardoza and Chenoa Braucher
Owner: Kathy Drabik
Sire: Ch Westwood Aladdin
Dam: Countryview I'll Take Manhattan

Rough Winners Dog

Wyndeswept Magic of Treasure Isle
Breeder: Diane Kwiatkowski
Owner: Diane Kwiatkowski
Sire: CH Camloch's All That Jazz RN NJP
Dam: Westwood Aryggeth Mustang Sally

Rough Reserve Winners Dog

Southland's Fort Knox
Breeder: Robert Blakely and Patricia Blakely
Owner: Sheela Cheatham
Sire: Southland's Lexington
Dam: Ch Larkspur Forget Me Not

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch

Fantasy's Party Time
Breeder: Debbie Holland and Rose Marie Soellner
Owner: Debbie Holland
Sire: CH Fantasy’s Rising Dragon ROM
Dam: CH Fantasy’s Garden Party

Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

GCH Travler's Pierce Arrow (Sable/D)
Breeder: Candy Ardizzone, Rebecca Tehon, Bree Ardizzone
Owner: Candy Ardizzone, Rebecca Tehon, Bree Ardizzone and Gary Lewis
Sire: CH Marnus Lucky Strike
Dam: CH Travler's Liberty Sport ROM

Smooth Select Awards

CH Fleur De Lis's Checkmate (D)
Breeder: Chizuko Kawabata
Owner: Chizuko Kawabata
Sire: CH Fleur De Lis's Excaliber
Dam: Misty Morn's Raspberry Pie

GCH Camloch Long Acres Iridescent (Blue/B)
Breeder: Mary Benedict
Owner: Krista Hansen, David E. Hansen, DVM, Mary Benedict
Sire: CH Camloch Sophistication
Dam: CH Long Acres Repeat After Me

Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Dog

Takoda Leave The Light On
Breeder: Savannah Braucher, Chenoa Ford and John and Katee Dyer
Owner: Chenoa Ford, Jerimy Ford, Tim Bauder and Daniel Cardoza
Sire: CH Countryview Give My Regards
Dam: Caledonia Cattleya

Smooth Winners Bitch

Deep River Pine Cone A Study In Scarlet
Breeder: Nancy Parker
Owner: Pamela Bron and Kathy Moll
SIre: CH Deep River's Bow And Arrow
Dam: CH Pine Cone Mountain Spring O'Deep River

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog

Deep River's Force Of Destiny
Breeder: Peggy Moorman and Kathy Moll
Owner: En Harriet Chang and Kathy Moll
Sire: CH Deep River's Bow And Arrow
Dam: Ch Deep Rivers Cover Girl

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch

Lisara's Dirty Dancing
Breeder: Lawrence and Carmen Leonard
Owner: Lawrence and Carnen Leonard
Sire: Lisara's Tuff Love
Dam: CH Lisara's Dancing With The Stars