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southern california Collie Club

October 22, 2005 -- Judge Jane Dixon
Futurity -- Cendy Eads McVoy

Held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Grenada Hills, Calif.

Dogs in Competition: 54
Rough Variety: 15-19 (5-2)
Smooth Variety: 2-6 (2-3)

Futurity: 3 dogs - 8 bitches

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Best of Breed/Rough Best of Variety

Ch. Stoneypoint Unleashed (Sable/D)
Breeder: Rick and Gwen Medlin
Owner: Rick and Gwen Medlin
Sire: Meridel's Coppertop
Dam: Ch. Kimberee Busy Body
Handler: Gwen Medlin

Best Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Smooth Best of Variety

Ch. Society There's Your Trouble (Tri/B)
Breeder: Martha Ramer
Owner: Martha Ramer, Chelsea Degner, Tiffany Baggley
Sire: Ch. Keepsake Telesis ROM
Dam: Ch. Society On The Side Of Angels
Handler: Ed Degner

Best Opposite Sex to Smooth Best of Variety

Ch. Row-Bar's Sum Of All Fears HT (Tri/D)
Breeder: Robette and Stephen Johns
Owner: Gail and Robert Dittmer
Sire: Ch. Marnus Golden Ruler ROM
Dam: Ch. Row-Bar's Southern Breeze
Handler: Stephen Johns

Best Opposite Sex to Rough Best of Variety

Ch. Entais Exotica (Tri/B)
Breeder: Diana Hiiesalu-Bain
Owner: Diana Hiiesalu-Bain
Sire: Ch. Fantasy Mariner Anchorman NAJ
Dam: Ch. Entais Precocious CD
Handler: Diana Hiiesalu-Bain

Rough Winners Bitch/Best of Winners -- 3 points

Charisma's Spring Fantasia (6 to 9/Sable)
Breeder: Bob and Peggy LeCount and Kelsie Holden
Owner: Sayuri Harami
Sire: Charisma Shenstone Covenant
Dam: Charisma's Chantilly Lace
Handler: Ed Degner

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch

Shoreham Golden April Bliss (9 to 12/Sable)
Breeder: Al and Helene Forthal
Owner: Susan and Robert Slaughter
Sire: Shoreham Starbucks
Dam: Shoreham's Society Angel
Handler: Heather Newcomb

Rough Winners Dog -- 3 points

Shoreham Starbucks (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Marci and Haley Richmond
Owner: Al and Helene Forthal
Sire: Ch. Shoreham Timekeeper
Dam: Shoreham Roxanne Coffee
Handler: Elaine Goto-Tamae

Reserve Rough Winners Dog

Foremost Great Expectations (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Dr. William Brokken
Owner: Dr. William Brokken
Sire: Ch. Foremost Thief In the Night
Dam: Foremost Sunny's Delight
Handler: Heather Newcomb

Smooth Winners Bitch/Best of Winners -- 2 points

Lindale Only A Dream (Tri)
Breeder: Linda Tefelski
Owner: Tawny Castro and Linda Tefelski
Sire: Countryview S'Marvelous
Dam: Ch. Lindale Rainbow Dream
Handler: Linda Tefelski

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch

Kimberee City Lights (BBE/Blue)
Breeder: Loralee Runnels-Bergmann
Owner: Loralee Runnels-Bergmann
Sire: Ch. Kimberee Can't Stop Storming
Dam: Ch. Colebrae Kisses Don't Lie
Handler: Loralee Runnels-Bergmann

Smooth Winners Dog -- 1 point

Erinmist Dannyboy I Love U So (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Diana Hiiesalu-Bain and Loretta Allen
Owner: Loretta Allen
Sire: Ch. Entais Spring Quintessential
Dam: Ch. Society's Entais Impish Angel
Handler: Diana Hiiesalu-Bain

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog

Keepsake Undeniably Easy To Spot (Tri)
Breeder: Heather Newcomb
Owner: Julie Sandoval
Sire: Ch. Keepsake Telesis ROM
Dam: Ch. Society There's Your Trouble
Handler: Heather Newcomb

Best Puppy

Charisma's Spring Fantasia (6 to 9/Sable/Rough/B)
Breeder: Bob and Peggy LeCount and Kelsie Holden
Owner: En Chang Sayuri Harami
Sire: Charisma Shenstone Covenant
Dam: Charisma's Chantilly Lace
Handler: Ed Degner

Futurity -- First Finalist

Lindale Only A Dream (9 - 12/Tri/Smooth/B)
Breeder: Linda Tefelski
Owner: Tawny Castro. Linda Tefelski
Sire: Countryview S'Marvelous
Dam: Ch. Lindale Rainbow Dream
Handler: Linda Tefelski

Futurity -- Second Finalist

Meridel's Heaven Can Wait (9 - 12/Rough/Sable/B)
Breeder: Meredith Ponedel
Owner: Meredith Ponedel
Sire: Ch. Stoneypoint Unleashed
Dam: Meridel's Call Me Madam
Handler: Gwen Medlin

Futurity -- Third Finalist

Shoreham Java Man (9 - 12/Sable/Rough/D)
Breeder: Al Helene Forthal
Owner: Al and Helene Forthal
Sire: Shoreham Starbucks
Dam: Shoreham Society Angel
Handler: Chelsea Degner

Futurity -- Fourth Finalist

Triumph's New Years Kiss (9 - 12/Rough/Sable/B)
Breeder: Elaine Goto-Tamae, Carl Williford, Tomie Goto
Owner: Elaine Goto-Tamae and Tomie Goto
Sire: Ch. Galatean Time In A Bottle
Dam: Ch. Twin City Sudden Inspiration
Handler: Elaine Goto-Tamae


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