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California Collie Clan

October 16, 2010
Breed: Doris Werdermann
Sweepstakes: Kathie Bazzell

Number of Entries: 44
Dogs in Competition: 42
Roughs: 6-10 (1-2)
Smooths: 6-12 (2-3)
Sweepstakes: 2-1

Best of Breed/Rough Best of Variety

CH Shoreham Java Man (Sable/D)
Breeders: Helene and Al Forthal
Owners: Al and Helene Forthal
Sire: CH Shoreham Starbucks
Dam: Shoreham Society Angel
Handler: Elaine Goto-Tamae

Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed/Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

Stoneypoints Springbank Aurora (Move Up/Sable Bitch)
Breeder: Loralee Runnels-Bergmann and Gwen Medlin
Owner: Brent Seymour
Sire: CH Stoneypoint Undercover
Dam: CH Stoneypoint Legally Blonde
Handler: Suzy Royds

Rough Best of Winners/Winners Dog -- 3 pts

Marnus Ravencroft Reflections (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Ron and Marcia Keller
Owner: Lenore Juram, Chuck and Joanne Zentgraf
Sire: CH Southland's Bowen Island ROM
Dam: CH Marnus Happy Go Lucky ROM
Handler: Anna Diaz

Rough Winners Bitch -- 3 pts

Sunnland's Love Affair (12-18/Sable)
Breeder: Marie and Blair Mullin
Owner: Marilyn Lindauer
Sire: CH Barksdale Lochlaren Liaison ROM
Dam: CH Lisara’s Stellar Golden Girl ROM
Handler: Ed Degner

Rough Reserve Winners Dog

Gambit’s Yankee Blue (Open/Blue)
Breeder: Linda Robbins, Barbara Hash-OKeefe, Randy Smith
Owner: Linda Robbins, Barbara Hash-OKeefe
Sire: CH Overland's Shadow Dancer
Dam: CH Gambit's Impromptu Relentless
Handler: Barbara Hash-OKeefe

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch

Jola's Playing Games On Calvary (Open/Tri)
Breeder: Cecilia Fouty and J. Flores
Owner: Cecilia Fouty
Sire: CH Jola’s Take It To The Max
Dam: Nightwood’s The Spice Of Life
Handler: Cecilia Fouty

Smooth Best of Variety

CH Keepsake Builder Of Dreams (Blue/D)
Breeder: Heather Newcomb and Kelly Neeley
Owner: Heather and Vicky Newcomb
Sire: CH Edenrock The Mask Of Society ROM
Dam: CH Cyndella's It's My Party
Handler: Heather Newcomb

Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

CH Lonepine Who Knew (Sable/B)
Breeder: Vicky Kniss and Heather and Vicky Newcomb
Owner: Vicky Kniss
Sire: CH Keepsake Builder of Dreams
Dam: CH Keepsake Lonepine Nohair-To-Go HIC
Handler: Cindy Weiner-Robinson

Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Bitch -- 4 pts

Heatherlyn Golden Heiress (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Marian Darrow, Mary Sadler
Owner: Marian Darrow, Mary Sadler
Sire: CH Edenrock Bronze Warrior
Dam: CH Heatherlyn Edenrock Legacy
Handler: Marian Darrow

Smooth Winners Dog -- 3 pts

Jola's On The River's Edge (Open)
Breeder: Cecilia Fouty
Owner: Cecilia Fouty
Sire: CH Jola’s Take It To The Max
Dam: Jola's Investing in Gold
Handler: Cecilia Fouty

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog

Ritzy's Kiowa Ace (12-18/Blue)
Breeder: Judy Ritner
Owner: Judy Ritner
Sire: CH Gambit's Chasing Shadows
Dam: CH Blossom Hill Kiowa Image Maker
Handler: Judy Ritner

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch

Blossom Hill Petite Sirah (BBE/Sable)
Breeder: Mary Wells and Anna Diaz
Owner: Mary Wells and Anna Diaz
Sire: CH Blossom Hill Brother Thomas
Dam: CH Blossom Hill Circle of Life
Handler: Mary Wells

Best Puppy

Edenrock Quiksilver Reckless Heart (6-9/Tri/Smooth/B)
Breeder: Cindy Weiner-Robinson and Heather Newcomb
Owner: Trisha Wamsat and Cindy Weiner-Robinson
Sire: CH Edenrock King Of The Road
Dam: CH Edenrock Keepsake Fergilicious
Handler: Janette Kremzar

Smooth Select Awards

CH Sunkist Silver In Your Pocket (Blue/B)
Breeder: William K Brokken MD, Janice Grillo, Karen Anderson
Owner: Janice Grillo, Karen Anderson
Sire: CH Edenrock The Mask Of Society ROM
Dam: CH Foremost Hot to Trot
Handler: Karen Anderson

Sweepstakes Awards

Best In Sweepstakes
Jola's Storm Warning (6-9/ Smooth/ D)
Breeder: Cecilia Fouty
Owner: Cecilia Fouty
Sire: CH Jola’s A Perfect Storm
Dam: Jola’s She’s Solid Gold
Handler: Cecilia Fouty

2nd Finalist
Lindale Laugh Dance Dream (12-18/Tri/Smooth/B)
Breeder: Linda Tefelski
Owner: Linda Tefelski
Sire: CH Merrytime Shalee JFK
Dam: CH Lindale Only A Dream
Handler: Linda Tefelski

3rd Finalist
Classique Double Dare (9-12/Sable/Smooth/D)
Breeder: Leslie and Al Hernandez and Anita Stelter
Owner: Leslie and Al Hernandez
Sire: CH Classique Dare Devil
Dam: CH Classique Call Me Irresistible
Handler: Heather Newcomb


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