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south Jersey Collie Club

October 22, 2011
Breed Judge: Jolynn Gilstrap
Sweepstakes: Dorothy Boulin

Roughs: 5-9 (3-0) 1-2
Smooths: 3-5 (3-3)
Sweepstakes: 2-1

Rough Best of Variety

GCH Devinwood A Perfect Stranger (Sable/D)
Breeder: Jacqueline and Ronald Caruso
Owner: Jacqueline and Ronald Caruso
Sire: CH Windhaven Stranger In Paradise
Dam: CH Devinwood Ramblin Rosie
Handler: Pete Denbow

Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety/Winners Bitch -- 2 pts

Limericks Liberation (BBE/Blue)
Breeder: Caroline Jones
Owner: Caroline Jones
Sire: CH Limericks Tartanside Patriot
Dam: CH Limericks Escapade
Handler: Caroline Jones

Rough Select Awards

CH Tartanside Avant-Garde (Veteran/D)
Breeder: John Buddie
Owner: Vivienne Richards
Sire: CH Tartanside Select
Dam: CH Tartanside Foolproof ROM
Handler: John Buddie

CH Breezy Acres Lasting Impression (Veteran/B)
Breeder: Patricia Ortiz
Owner: Patricia Ortiz
Sire: CH Tartanside Allegiance ROM
Dam: CH Breezy Acres First Impression NAP NJP

Rough Best of Winners/ Winnners Dog/Best In Sweepstakes -- 2 pts

Tartanside Heir Force (6-9/Puppy)
Breeder: John Buddie and Frances Hughes
Owner: John Buddie
Sire: Tartanside Tour De Force
Dam: Tartanside Bryanna
Handler: John Buddie

Rough Reserve Winners Dog

Tartanside Oliver Twist (Open/Sable)
Breeder: John Buddie and David Supplee
Owner: John Buddie and David Supplee
Sire: CH Tartanside Play For Keeps
Dam: Tartanside Bryanna
Handler: Cathy Squire

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch

Tartanside Littlefield Adorable (Open/Sable)
Breeder: John Buddie and David Supplee
Owner: Cathy Squire
Sire: CH Littlefield Country Squire
Dam: CH Tartanside Picture This
Handler: Cathy Squire

Smooth Best of Variety/Best of Winners/Winners Bitch -- 4 pts

Candle Haven Winnie Cooper (BBE/Sable)
Breeder: Karen and Gary Jordan and Patricia Edwards
Owner: Karen and Gary Jordan and Patricia Edwards
Sire: Candle Haven Calloway
Dam: CH Signet's Mini Cooper
Handler: Karen Jordan

Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety

CH Gateside Kiss The Sky At Greyfriar (Sable/D)
Breeder: Jaye Athy and Katherine DelGrosso
Owner: Diane Eramo
Sire: CH Riverrun Lionheart
Dam: CH Mandalay's Rock And Roll All Night
Handler: John Buddie

Smooth Select Awards

CH Afterhours Soldier Of Fortune (D)
Breeder: Carole Stanley
Owner: Genee Foulkes and Sylvia Gorup
Sire: CH Headline's Soldier Of Light
Dam: CH Keltic Afterhours Interlude

CH Cadenza's Heirloom Travler (B)
Breeder: Rebecca Tehon
Owner: Cathy Keefer and Rebecca Tehon
Sire: CH Travler's Greased Lightning
Dam: CH Travler-Curtacy Heirloom Lace
Handler: Cathy Keefer

Smooth Winners Dog -- 1 pt

Pleasant Acre-Delily's Goblet Of Fire (6-9/Sable)
Breeder: Mary Lee Shingle
Owner: Jennifer Carpenter, Mary Lee Shingle and Estelle Lynch
Sire: CH Pleasant Acre's Fantasy Dragon
Dam: Pleasant Acres Broadway Musical
Handler: Jennifer Carpenter

Smooth Reserve Winners Dog

Tisbury's To Dream Again (6-9/Blue)
Breeder: Judy Virchow, Kris Provenzano
Owner: Judy Virchow
Sire: CH Tisbury's Gray Spirit
Dam: CH Provenhill's Tisbury Sambuca
Handler: Caroline Jones

Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch

Takoda Lachki Shore Enough Not Rough (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Chenoa Braucher, John and Katee Dyer
Owner: Sharon Mullaney and Chenoa Braucher
Sire: CH Sealore's Shore Leave
Dam: Caledonia Casablanca
Handler: Pete Denbow