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South Jersey Collie Club

October 19, 2013
Breed Judge: Barbara Kenealy

Group Judge: Anitra Cuneo
Sweeps Judge: Mary Irons

Rough Best of Variety / Group 2
CH Tartanside Ticonderoga (Tri/D)
Breeder: John Buddie
Owner: Sharon Mayes and John Buddie
Sire: CH Tartanside Power Play
Dam: CH Tartanside Camloch Bewitched
Handler: John Buddie
Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety
CH Millknock Carillon NA, NAJ, NF (Blue/B)
Breeder: Marianne Sullivan and Joseph Rhames
Owner: Deborah Bell
Sire: CH Blu Ridge Lookout
Dam: CH Millknock Mosaic
Handler: Ellen Russell
Rough Selects
CH Gentry's Arrowhill Heart Of Marmont (D)
Breeder: Laurie Jeff Greer and Patty Gordon
Owner: Janice Marcinak
Sire: CH Gentry's Ricochet
Dam: CH Campbell Of Arrowhill
Handler: Janice Marcinak

CH Highcroft Lode-Ark's Roulette (B)
Breeder: Don and Leslie Jeszewski, Pat Atkins
Owner: Joani and Sami Berg, Joseph and Joanne Koehler
Sire: Ch. Highcroft Ultimate Suspense
Dam: Ch. Lode-Ark Overland Pearlesence
Handler: Sami Berg
Rough Best of Winners/Winners Dog
Breezy Acre's In Your Face (6-9)
Breeder: Pat Ortiz
Owner: Pat Ortiz
Sire: CH Tartanside Airforce
Dam: CH Breezy Acre's I'm A Keeper
Handler: John Buddie
Rough Winners Bitch
Pleasant Acre Glenshire Queen of Hearts (12-18)
Breeder: Mary Lee Shingle
Owner: Jennifer Mulligan
Sire: CH Pleasant Acre's Dealers Choice
Dam: Pleasant Acre's Riviera
Handler: Jennifer Mulligan
Rough Reserve Winners Dog

Wrangler's Silverado (BBE)
Breeder: Christine Hammill
Owner: Christine Hammill
Sire: CH Blu Ridge Make Way
Dam: CH Lochlaren Barksdale Second Wind
Handler: Christine Hammill

Rough Reserve Winners Bitch
VCH Mountainside Beulah Land (Open/Blue)
Breeder: Joany White
Owner: Joany White
Sire: GCH Kelso's Moon Dancin' HSAs
Dam: CH Mountainside You Are Special RN THD
Handler: Ellen Russell
Smooth Best of Variety / Group 4
CH Delgayla Seasons Of Country (Sable/B)
Breeder: Adele Gay
Owner: Christine Hammill
Sire: CH Signet's Comedy Central
Dam: CH Jil-Cris Wings Of Delgayla
Handler: Chris Hammill
Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety
CH Creekwood Sam I Am (Sable/D)
Breeder: Virginia Mehr and Tim Bauder
Owner: Robin Reed and Virginia Mehr
Sire: CH Kirkhaven Sandman Dream Chaser
Dam: Creekwood Rosebank Like the Stage
Handler: Robin Reed
Smooth Select Award
GCH Camloch La De Da Alliance (D)
Breeder: Laura LaCongo, Krista and David Hansen DVM
Owner: Tony and Dena Barcellona
Sire: CH Tartanside Taejon
Dam: CH Camloch Ba-Da-Bing
Handler: Sami Berg

CH Tir Na N'Og Mystic Unquestionable (B)
Breeder: Erin Blaisure and Bonnie Cary
Owner: Erin Blaisure and Bonnie Cary
Sire: CH Mystic Unprecedented
Dam: Mystic Tir Na N'Og Borrowed Heaven
Handler: Molli Jason
Smooth Best of Winners/Winners Bitch
Tir Na N' Og Quintessential (BBE)
Breeder: Erin Blaisure and Jennifer Zappone
Owner: Erin Blaisure
Sire: CH Tir Na N' Og Criminal Type
Dam: CH Tir Na N'Og Bluwave's Simply Elegant
Handler: Erin Blaisure
Smooth Winners Dog
Creekwood Black No Sugar (6-9)
Breeder: Robin Reed, Virginia Reed Mehr, Mary Lee Shingle
Owner: Mara and Rebecca Flood, Robin Reed and Virginia Reed Mehr
Sire: CH Countryview Give My Regards
Dam: CH Creekwood Chase The Rainbow
Handler: Mara Flood
Smooth Reserve Winners Dog
Travler’s Gran Torino  (6-9)
Breeder: R. Tehon , C. and B.A. Ardizzone and G. Lewis
Owner: Rebecca Tehon, Candace Ardizzone and Bree Ardizzone
Sire: CH Travler's Nissan Rogue CD BN
Dam: CH Travler's Sister Sarah
Handler: Bree Ardizonne
Smooth Reserve Winners Bitch
Tir Na N' Og Mystic Can't Buy Me Love
Breeder: Erin Blaisure, Bonnie Cary and K. Courtney
Owner: Carolyn and Tina Pirro and Erin Blaisure
Sire: GCH Mystic Show Me The Money
Dam: Mystic Tir Na N' Og Borrowed Heaven
Handler: Carolyn Pirro
Best In Sweepstakes
Creekwood Princess At Delily (6-9/Smooth/B)
Breeder: Robin Reed, Virginia Reed Mehr, Mary Lee Shingle
Owner: J. Carpenter, R. Reed, A. Coriell, E. Lynch and V. Reed Mehr
Sire: CH Countryview Give My Regards
Dam: CH Creekwood Chase The Rainbow
Handler: Jennifer Carpenter
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June 25, 2022
NORTH CAROLINA – Inspire Collies presents: Windkist Let it Be at Inspire, CGC, TKN (ptd) x Starcountry Rolls to Smallmount, CGC, FCAT (mjr ptd), DOB 5/5/22. 1 blue merle rough bitch available. Send email to: Achieveobedience@

June 24, 2022
NORTH CAROLINA – Cardinal Ridge Collies offers 1 rough and 1 smooth, sable puppy bitches for conformation and/or performance homes. DOB 3/22. Health tested, eye checks, puppy culture raised. Send email inquiries to: Cardinalridgefarmnc

June 22, 2022
MASSACHUSETTS – Puppies on the ground and available in late July, as well as a couple of adult bitches to be retired. Send email inquiries to: jenpetter314@

June 22, 2022
NORTH CAROLINA – Inspire Collies offers 4 rough mahogany sable puppies for companion or performance homes: 3 males, 1 female, DOB 5/2/22. Health tested, eye checks, puppy culture raised. Email for info.: Achieveobedience@

June 15, 2022
COLORADO – Shalimar Collies is proud to announce a new litter by dual sires CH. Shalimar By Invitation / Babarlyn's Shalimar Redemption out of CH Shalimar The Master's Touch – rough, sable and tri, both sexes, whelped 4/27/22. Send email inquiries to: patrickwentworthd@

June 14, 2022
TEXAS – Swan Collies has normal eyed tri-colors in rough and smooth coats available to pet and/or performance homes. DNA panel, microchip, cardiac and eye check done. Champion sire/dam. Call 806.584.2382 or email

June 13, 2022
SOUTH CAROLINA – Sherier Place Collies – GCH CH Ceilidh's Celtic Legend (bronze ptd) x CH Sherier's Perfect Blend CGC TKN DCAT (grand ptd). Smooth tri girls. Show and performance. Email for information: debbie.sherier@

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