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CH Shenstones Bit Of Intrigue
Tartanside Absolute
CH Tartanside Arabesque
Tartanside Younhaven Yahoo
CH Fantasy’s Bronze Talisman, ROM
CH Tartanside Foolproof, ROM
CH Tartanside Ravishing

Deep River Younghaven Alliance (Sire)

CH Deep River’s Leap of Faith
Deep River’s Snow Clouds
CH Deep River’s Reckless Abandon
CH Younghaven's Early Frost
Tartanside Preview, ROM
CH Younghaven Deep River Rapids, ROM
CH Deep River’s Right on Red, ROM
CH Fantasy Bronze Talisman, ROM
CH Long Acres Bronze Icon
CH Long Acres Design by Fantasy
CH Twin City Secret Ambition ROM
Tartanside Preview
CH Twin City Sacred Emotion
CH Barksdale Evening Shade
CH Deep River Bare Hugs (Dam)
CH Collairine Convoy O’Pinewynd
CH Pinewynd’s Sparkling Brut, ROM
Pinewynd’s Oreo Deluxe
CH Deep River Karizma Honey Bare
CH Karizma If Looks Could Kill
CH Karizma Dressed to Kill ROM
Deep River Gift of the Magi

Breeder/Co-owner: Kathy V. Moll * * 919-542-5389
Owner: Nancy J. Parker * * 864-895-7019

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