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Am Ch. Gambits State Of The Art CD
Am Ch. Gambits Chill Factor
Am Ch. Gambit Dawn On The Horizon
Am/C Ch, Gambits Freeze Frame ROM
Am Ch. Gambits State Of The Art CD
Gambits Arts N' Crafts
Shoreham All That Glitters CDX

Am/C Ch. Afterhours Color Of The Wind (Can ROM)

Am Ch The Meadows Simply Smashing
Am Ch. The Meadows Notorious ROM
Meadows Puppy Cake Express
Afterhours Risque
Am CH Clarion True Colors
Afterhours Iridescence
Afterhours Moonstruck II
Ch. Paradice Cloak N Dagger
Ch. Paradice Along Came Jones
Paradice Brolly By Golly
Ch. Perry's Sundather Tradition ROM
Ch. Clarion Nightrider
Ch. Clarion's Capella
Afterhours Cher Cher La Femme
Blue Daze Afterhours Empress
Ch. Paradice Along Came Jones
Ch. Clarion Color My World
Ch. Clarion To Much Heaven
Blue Daze Or Else CD
Ch. Lynridge Shades Of Night
Afterhours Night Of Love
Afterhours Love In A Mist

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