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Ch.Clarion Color My World
Clarion World Class
Paradice Fan The Flame
Ch.Special Holy Cow, n/e
Nairne’s Flame N’ Fields O’Sno, n/e
Ch.Special Jewel O’Th’North, n/e
Ch.North Country Gemstone

Special Velvet Teddy Bear, n/e n/c Major Pointed (Sire)

Nairne’s Flaming Silhouette, n/e
Nairne’s Flame N’ Fields O’Sno, n/e
Clandara’s Flaming Embers, n/e
Mountainside White As Sno, n/e n/c
Lonely Elm Hot Toddie, n/e
Lonely Elm Temperature Rising, n/e
Pride N Joy Glory to Brigadoon
Ch.Tartanside Th’Critic’s Choice, ROM
Ch.Countryview Golden Starr (CCA AOM)
Starr’s Dark Crystal, ROM
Ch.Row-Bar’s Northern Exposure (2 CCA AOM)
Ch.Foxbride’s McLaughlin, ROM
Ch.Row-Bar’s Southern Exposure
Ch.Row-Bar’s Mar-K Bourbon Street
Ch. Special RachLen Dreamcatcher (1 of 4 to finish in her litter) (Dam)
Ch.Perry’s Sundather Tradition
Xanadu Glory Days
Xanadu Call To Glory
Windrew’s Wisper’n Sweet Glory (2 CCA placements)
Am/Can Ch. Napier’s Black Tie Affair
Revelation Blacklace Affair
Revelation Larceny N Lace

RachLen Collies
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Machinton
Sharon, MA
(781) 784-0995

Special Collies
Laura LaBounty
East Swanzey, NH
(603) 313-9597

Other Information:
Litter Whelped 8/1/05