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CH Vennessee's Midnight Express, ROM
CH Vennessee's Midnight Edition, ROM
Vennessee's Rambling Rose, ROM
CH Fantasy's Bronze Talisman, ROM
CH Vennessee's Sculptured in Blue, ROM
CH Fantasy's Cover Girl, ROM
CH Fantasy's True to the Master, ROM

CH Tartanside Allegiance (Sire)

CH Applause Parader Persuation
CH Sealore's Grand Applause, ROM
Starr's Dark Crysta, ROM
CH Tartanside Aliage, ROM
CH Tartanside Th' Critics Choice, ROM
CH Tartanside Arabesque
CH Tartanside Ballerina, ROM
CH Vennessee Expression in Black
CH Vennessee's Portrait in Black
CH Vennessee Almost An Angel
CH Vennessee Future by Artistique
CH Vennessee Cast in Silver
Artistique Lightening Strikes
CAN Ch. Koallies Loch Morag
CH Vennessee's Enchanted Crystal (Dam)
CH Vennessee Midnight Edition ROM
Vennessee Ashlawn's Last Call
Ashlawns Simply Irresistible
Vennessee Diamond in the Ruff
CH Vennessee's Midnight Express, ROM
CH Vennessee's Bonnie Jeanne
Vennessee Rambling Rose, ROM

Spellbound Collies
Jill Lanese

Other Information:
Whelped October 20, 2003