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Ch Fantasy Mariner Anchorman, ROM
Ch Orion's Sundance
Ch Vennessee's Dynamite
Ch Provenhill's Legends of Gold
Ch Elsinore's Nantucket Blues
Ch Provenhill Whispers the Blues
Ch Provenhill Elsinore Raindance

Ch Starfire's Gold Standard (Sire)

Ch Natural Explosion
Ch Natural Gold
Natural's American Beauty !
Ch Natural Starfire, TT
Ch HiVu the Enchanter
Natural's Everlasting Joy
Natural Ability
Ch Storm's TNT, ROM
Ch Natural Explosion
Ch Storm's Natural Spice, HC
Ch Storm's Sudden Impact
Ch Crossheart Clyde Barrow
Ch Crossheart Camlin Caper, ROM
Ch Storm's Starlit Skies
Ch Storm's Irish Mist OFA HIC (Dam)
Ch Storm's TNT, ROM
Ch Storm's The Activator
Ch Storm's Spotlite
Storm's Gossamer Light
Storm's TNT, ROM
Ch Storm's Dancing in the Light
Ch Crossheart Camlin Caper, ROM

Wrangler Collies
Chris & Eugene Chin
Three Bridges, NJ

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pedigree for:
Wrangler's Fields of Athenry (ptd)
Wrangler's Tis Herself (ptd)
Wrangler's Irish Blessing (both majors)
Wrangler World Series Winner CD NA RN R1MCL CGC TDI
Ch Wrangler's Northstar Chance Encounter