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Ch. Fury's The Spirit Of Legends
Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Express
Vennessee's Etched In Blue
Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Edition
Ch. Vennessee's Future Impact
Vennessee's Rambling Rose
Ch. Vennessee's Gentry Dandy Doll

Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman ROM (Sire)

Ch. Vennessee's Vi-Lee Venture
Ch. Vennessee's Sculptured In Blue
Vennessee's Etched In Blue
Ch. Fantasy's Cover Girl ROM
Ch. Alfenloch Masterpiece
Ch. Fantasy's True To The Master
Fantasy's Dreams Come True
Ch. Twin Creeks Grand Master
Ch. Twin Creeks Totally Awesome
Twin Creeks Collectors Item
Ch. Twin Creeks Lonesome-N-Blue
Ch. Twin Creeks Partly Cloudy
Ch. Twin Creeks Blue Angel
Twin Creeks Moody Blue
Ch. Blossom Hill Day Dream ROM (Dam)
Ch. Crystal Bear Of Kasan
Ch. Blossom Hill Bridge To Kasan
Ch. Blossom Hill Cotton Candy
Ch. Blossom Hill Homecoming
Ch. Shadow Baird Of Collaire
Blossom Hill Queen Of Hearts
Blossom Hill Ribbons-N-Lace

Blossom Hill Collies
Mary H. and Paul B. Wells
(408) 684-4604

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