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Ch. Pinewynd's Put'n On The Ritz
Ch.Pinewynd's King Of The Road
Pinewynd's Forget Me Not
Ch. Collairine Convoy O'Pinewynd
Ch. Lisara's Knighty Knight
Ch. Lisara's Dubh Lin O'Collairine
Ch. Lisara's Swan Song, CD

Ch. Pinewynd's Sparkling Brut, ROM (Sire)

Ch. Lisara's Knighty Knight
Lisara's Pirate Of Pinewynd
Ch. Lisara's Crystal Of Pinewynd
Pinewynd's Oreo Deluxe
Ch. Wyndfall's The Main Event
Pinewynd's Last Course
Ch. Lisara's Try Silk O'Pinewynd
Halcaldee Golden Phoenix
Ch.Kitleigh Knickerboker, ROM
Aluren Caitlin's Carrera
Ch. Lochwynde Kitleigh Advocate
Ch. Fury's The Spirit Of Legends, ROM
Lochwynde's Legends Of Gold
Marnus Wrapped In Gold
Ch. Lochwynde Chimera (Dam)
Ch. Tartanside Th' Critic's Choice, ROM
Ch. Tartanside Capital Gain
Ch. Tartanside Ballerina, ROM
Ch. Lochwynde Illusion
Ch. Starr's Tailor-Made, ROM
Ch. Lochwynde's Ice Dancer
Ch. Lochwynde's Gandy Dancer

Other Information:
Sable Smooth dog
Whelped: June 8, 2002

Montague Kennels -- Jay and Marie Hooper
Highlight Collies -- Taylor Williams

At stud at Dublin Hill
Ellen Russell
(302) 337-7849