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Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Express ROM
Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Edition ROM
Vennessee's Rambling Rose ROM
Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman ROM
Ch. Vennessee's Sculptured In Blue ROM
Ch. Fantasy's Cover Girl ROM
Ch. Fantasy's True To The Master ROM
Ch. Chatham's Prospector (sire)
Ch. Vennessee's Vi-Lee Venture
Ch. Venessee's Sculptured In Blue ROM
Vennessee's Etched In Blue
Chatham's Obsession In Black
Ch. Fury's The Spirit Of Legends ROM
Vennessee N' Chatham's Busybody
Vennessee's Etched In Blue
Napiers Foolish Affair
Ch. Executive's Ride The High Wind ROM
Ch. Executive's Buy Me Blue Ribbons
Ch. Executive's The Cowboy Way
Ch. Executive's Gemstone Tycoon
Ch. Executive Be My Valentine ROM
Ch. Executive's Raindrops On Roses
Chatham's Country Melody (dam)
Ch. Executive's The Equalizer
Ch. Fury's The Spirit Of Legends ROM
Ch. Executive-N-Fury's Blue-N-Gold
Vennessee N' Chatham's Busybody
Ch. Twin Creek's Grand Master ROM
Vennessee's Etched In Blue
Ch. Westwends Headline In Blue
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