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CH Executive's The Equalizer
CH Fury's The Spirit Of Legends, ROM
CH Executive's-N-Fury's Blue-N-Gold
CH Vennessee's Midnight Express, ROM
CH Twin Creek's Grand Master
CH Vennessee's Etched In Blue
CH Westwend's Headline In Blue
Am/Can Ch. Fantasy Mariner Anchorman NAJ (sire)
CH Vennessee's Vi-Lee's Venture
CH Vennessee Scupltured in Blue, ROM
CH Vennessee's Etched In Blue
CH Fantasy's Covergirl, ROM
CH Alfenloch Masterpiece
CH Fantasy's True To The Master, ROM
Fantasy's Dreams Come True
CH Vennessee's Midnight Express, ROM
CH Vennesee's Midnight Edition, ROM
Vennessee's Rambling Rose, ROM
CH Elsinore's Nantucket Blues
CH Sunamor's Reign On
Elsinore's Sunamor Sprite, ROM
CH Sunamor's American Dandi Doll
Elsinore Provenhill Watrlily (dam)
CH Vennesee's Into The Clouds
CH Highcroft Oak Knoll Triton, ROM
Highcroft Night Music
CH Provenhill Elsinore Raindance
CH Shertom Elsinore Sunrunner
CH Elsinore Bread and Roses
Elsinore's Dawn's Early Light

Other information
Tri-Color Smooth Dog
Whelped January 18, 2000

Chrisandis Collies
Andrea Nelson and Christopher Cope

Glen Mor Collies
Kim Wood