Hurricane Katrina -- Relief Effort

In the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, Collies Online is endeavoring to make contact with collie owners who may need help. If you are a collie owner from Louisiana or Mississippi and are in need of assistance, please let us know so that we may mobilize the resources to help. Also, if you have information about Collie Club of America or American Shetland Sheepdog Association members from the devastated areas, please send us an e-mail at and let us know so that we may share the information with others. We have received phone calls and e-mails from people who share our deep concern for their fellow fanciers and from those who are ready to step up and help in any way they can.

If you have information about any of the following people or if you would like to add a name to the list, please let us know. If you can offer some assistance to those in need, please let us know and we will list your offer or donation. Email us!

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List of CCA Members/Collie Lovers in Louisiana and Mississippi -- Status
People Who Can Help
Rescue Update
How to Donate
External Links: Hurricane Katrina Animal - Related Resources
A Message from the President of the CCA


Heather Anderson, Shreveport , LA -- Status
Cathy and Wayne Breaux, Jr, Raceland, LA -- Status
Therese Bryars, River Ridge, LA --Status
Mary Catoir, Covington, LA -- Status
Lise' and Alan Chaplain, Pearl River, LA -- Status
Cheryl Matlock, DVM, Bossier City, LA -- Status
Brenda Miramon, Slidell, LA -- Status
Karen O'Brien, Pearl River, LA -- Status
Mary Lee Oliphant-Wood, Bush, LA -- Status
Harriett Pierce, New Orleans, LA -- Status
Joy Surkand, Covington, LA -- Status
Audrey Tilden, Mandeville, LA -- Status
Tammy Ural, Metairie, LA -- Status
Leila Wachtel, New Orleans, LA -- Status
Rosemary Wayman, Metairie, LA
Bruce and Doraine Woods, Slidell, LA -- Status
Ann Wright, Shreveport, LA -- Status


Robert and Patricia Blakely, Booneville, MS -- Status
Anna Dees, Biloxi, MS -- Status
Angie Gillespie, Ridgeland, MS -- Status
John Hobby, Meridian, MS -- Status
Susan Lamn, Bay St. Louis, MS -- Status
Renee Millison, Madison, MS -- Status
Joey and Kathleen Price, Meridian, MS -- Status
Catherine Sims, Maben, MS -- Status
Anne Sinclair, Ridgeland, MS -- Status
Brenda Thomas, Toomsuba, MS -- Status

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A Message from the President of the CCA

To the many who have offered homes and kennel space: Today it appears that most of the collie owners in the disaster area desperately want to stay in or near their homes. Will this situation change? I am not sure. Thanks to all of you for being here to help -- a few dogs are safely kenneled with nearby folks and a few people are temporarily visiting with family and friends. Tomorrow?

Angie Gillespie, the District Director of Mississippi has tirelessly searched for collie owners in all the damaged states. She has many contacts and will keep us informed of the needs. Today, Doraine Woods the District director of Louisiana is checking on collie folks and looking for a few we have not been able to contact (She is in Slidell, a city hit very hard by this hurricane). Doraine will be advising of needs. Below is a list of CCA members and other collie lovers. If you love a collie, you are a part of our family. We are looking for you.

Pati Merrill
Collie Club of America

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People who can help

Gayle Guthman, Kennesaw, Georgia

Gayle can take in two people and a couple of dogs.

Ginger Cleary, Rome, Georgia

If anyone needs some place to foster a couple of dogs or three, Ginger would be more than happy  to help.

Vickie VonSeggern, Merrill, Wisconsin
Thorndale Bone & Biscuit Kennel Inn

Vicki has space available for a limited number of people, dogs and cats! She has a small boarding kennel and is located in north central Wisconsin.

Sandra Leet, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Sandra lives in Plymouth, MA with her two senior collies. She has a huge fenced-in yard and can easily foster/accommodate two collies who will live in the house with them and be treated with the same love that her collies now receive. She will also help with transport too if necessary. 

Rebecca Myers-Barth, Hanna City, Illinois

Rebecca can house up to four collies.

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Deb & Rick Rogstad, Denton, Texas

Deb and Rick offer an air conditioned indoor/outdoor run large enough for up to three compatible
dogs, with access to a separate yard.

Jackie Henson, Shelby, Alabama

Jackie and J.R. Henson have six or seven empty runs in an air conditioned kennel building available if someone needs to temporarily house their dogs. They are in central Alabama, just south of Birmingham. They also have one spare room if someone needed a place to stay for a while.

Felicia, Tennessee

We have an offer for 10 or so dogs to be temporarily housed at a farm and kennel in Tennessee. If ANYONE hears from rescuers in the disaster area that are wiped out and need a place to hold their dogs, please let me know ASAP to begin the process of assisting them.

Lori Montero, North Carolina

Lori has a source for dog food for those in need as a result of the Hurricane. She can also house 2 people and up to four dogs. She is located south of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Judy & Michael Pitt, Kitleigh Collies, Tennessee

Judy and Michael are happy to accomodate two people in the house and several dogs in the kennel for any collie/sheltie folk who are displaced.  They are located 40 minutes directly south of Nashville, Tennessee. You may contact them by e-mail or phone (931) 285-2428. 

Anne Cross, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Tel. (423) 877-2891

Anne has space for two to three Collie or sheltie people in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She has a bedroom with a queen bed adjacent to a bathroom and den with a side entrance into a gravel fenced yard that opens into a grassy back yard with access to a cool concrete floored basement for dogs. Dogs can be crated or ex-penned in basement. There is water in the basement and back yard, shady areas, etc. She says it's not fancy, but a place to get back together. There are some crates and ex-pens that can be used as needed and also plenty of s/s bowls and buckets. Although Anne has 19 acres, it is helpful if dogs are debarked but not absolutely critical. Chattanooga has restrictive dog laws!

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Karen Summers, Crestview, Florida

Karen lives in the Florida panhandle, just north of Destin/FWB. Her family will provide a foster home to one to three collies.

Mary Martinez, Southwest Ranches, Florida
Tel. (954) 434-2441

Mary says that most of her kids are older and that if needed she has room to foster a few dogs. In addition, with this being the start of the long holiday weekend, she would be able to drive a fair distance to pick them up.

Nancy Hehre, Canaan, New Hampshire

Nancy has a small boarding kennel and can foster two to three dogs.  She also has room for someone to  park a motorhome or trailer on her property.

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Lenell Nix and John Pauwels, Asheville, North Carolina
Tel. (828) 890-2424 or (828) 329-2774

Lenell and John have space in their boarding kennel for 10 to 15 collies or shelties and room on the property to park a motorhome.

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Karen Hawkins, Springville, Alabama
Office (205) 967-8302 or Cell phone (205) 937-9407

Karen is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management counseling. She will provide counseling at no charge and all conversations will be held in strictest confidence. If you need someone to talk to, please call her and leave your number and she will call you back so you don't incur a phone charge.

Nancy McDonald, Sanford, North Carolina

Nancy lives 45 minutes southwest of Raleigh and can accommodate one or two people and up to four dogs.

Terri Shomo , Blairsville, Pennsylvania

Terri lives near Pittsburgh and has space for 20 collies if needed.

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Suzanne and Tim Berggren, Washington, Pennsylvania

Suzanne and Tim have one bedroom available and room for the person to bring a dog or two.  They have a small ranch house but the guests would be safe and fed.

Diane and Charlie Wagener, near Denton, Texas

Diane has room for one person and one dog.  Also, a foster home for a rabbitt, two large pastures for a donkey, mule, or horse and maybe a couple of  sheep!

Sharon Roznik, Wisconsin

Sharon lives a little north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If there any displaced collies that need temporary shelter she has a quarter-acre fenced in with indoor/outdoor kennels attached, all Century-fencing. The facilities are really nice and not being used.

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Joanne Huff, Wisconsin

Joanne can also take a couple of dogs and she lives just over the IL-WI state line.

Judie and Liza Dunkle, southeast Idaho

Judie and Liza can take nine collies housed in single inside kennels and more if they can be doubled up.  They are in SE Idaho just 180 miles north of Salt Lake City.  There are also companies hiring there if folks are looking for employment.

David & Jan Hedrick , Leesburg, Virginia

They have three empty bedrooms and kennel space for two collies. They could  
also squeeze a couple of dogs inside.  They are located about  40 miles west of Washington, D.C.

Elena Geldkop, North Carolina

Elena has a motorhome hookup and a guest room available plus a few empty kennels.

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Lynda and Kenneth Cox, DVM, Brazil, Indiana

Lynda and Ken can take a couple of dogs and make room in their home for anyone that needs a place to stay. Also, If any collie people need medications for their dogs to let Lynda and Ken know.

Joe Clement and Jack West, Hancock, New Hampshire

Joe and Jack could take two or three dogs that need foster care.  Joe could also travel moderate distances to meet up with someone if necessary.

Karen Summers, Crestview, Florida

Karen is able to foster a couple of collies. She lives in the panhandle just north of Destin/FWB in Crestview, Florida.

Vivienne Rickie Richards, Melbourne, Florida

Rickie has a spare bedroom for a breeder and two empty kennels big enough for
either several small dogs or two big dogs in each kennel.

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Carolyn Foreman, Omaha, Nebraska

Carolyn has room for about five collies at the farm, but they will have to be non-aggressive with each other as it will be two to a pen.  Pens are 4-feet wide by 12- to 14-feet long.  She has two acres fenced in for them to run.

Diane Steele, Kentucky
270-622-7070 or

Diane can take ten dogs and/or a person at her kennel in Kentucky.  She also has another kennel and living quarters available.  The second kennel is her old show kennel.  It's on seven acres, paddocks and Mason fencing pens indoors.  Some repairs to paddocks will be needed. 

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Judith Deal, Mooresville, North Carolina

Judith would like to offer their home for collie rescue for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.  They would be glad to drive and get dogs in need of a home.  They can adequately house and feed two dogs and will treat them as their own. They will also provide all care needed including vet care.  

Debbie Holland, Indiana

Debbie lives 1 hour west of Indianapolis and she has room to take in any type of animal at the Fantasy Zoo.

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Kim Stallings, Leitchfield, Kentucky

Kim is offering a place to stay plus she can also house dogs.

Dona Williams, Statesville, North Carolina
Home 704-878-0848
Cell 270-570-0074

Dona has room for a family and several dogs.

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Abby Cassidy, Springfield, Ohio

Abby can take two collies, provided they are compatable and she has a guest bedroom with a roll-away bed, in case a Collie person is in need of shelter.

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Sabrina, British Columbia, Canada
Cedar Ridge Collie Rescue

Sabrina can offer her services in the way of fostering, adoptions, grooming, rehab etc. She lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Just north of Seattle. They have 3 acres fully fenced with full grooming facilities and seperate pens if needed and a nice warm house to sleep in with their 3 Collies. They have no rescues right now so there's lots of room!

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Jackie Decinque, Coventry, Connecticut

Jackie would like to offer a place to stay and she has room for 2-3 collies.

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Liz Klein, New Hampshire

Liz is able to help transport dogs. She lives 2 hours Northwest of
Boston and could travel a good distance to help with relay.

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Michelle Tennis, Central Wisconsin

Michelle lives about  2 hours from the IL/WI state line.  She is able to foster 2-3 collies.

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Jessica Jones, Durham, North Carolina and/or

Jessica and her husband, Steve Saltzman, would be willing to take in one or two people and two collies. They currently have a one and a half year old collie. They have a secure fenced in yard and a new house with two unused bedrooms in a quiet and safe neighborhood in Durham, North Carolina. The only thing they ask is that any collies coming in be friendly with other dogs. They don't have separate dog runs so the dogs would be spending time together.  

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Nancy Van Note, New Jersey

Nancy can foster 2 collies and/or offer housing.  She lives in Central New Jersey.

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Jennifer Argentino, Ontario, CN

Jennifer lives 5 minutes from Niagara Falls, NY in Ontari, Canada and would be happy to foster a collie for as long as needed. She is also willing to drive a few hours if needed.

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Mary Doyle Landes, Indiana
812 442-8048

Mary has a spare room and a futon for anyone that needs a place to stay. She also has some room for a couple of collies or small dogs. She can also find a place for livestock. She lives 1 hour west of Indianapolis.
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Caroline and Fred Haynes, Newtown, Connecticut

Caroline and Fred can offer three bedrooms and accommodation for five or six dogs.

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Sheila Doughman, Colleen Hesse, Destiny Collies, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sheila and Colleen have available one (and if need be two) spare bedrooms with a separate bath.  They can also make room in the kennels/yards for up to 8 collies and possibly more if some are shelties. They are located about 40 minutes west of Minneapolis, MN. (Watertown, MN.)  They are situated on five acres, three acres belong to the collies - the other two acres belong to Mocha and Latte - the cattle!
"Come and stay as long as you need.  Our home is your home".

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Sarah Garrison, Indiana

If anyone needs a place to stay or a place to house collies, people are more then welcome at Sarah's. They live about an 45 min NW of Indianapolis. They have 4 acres fenced with a pasture. They currently have 2 sheep but room for other livestock. They have 1 acre fenced with a concrete bottomed stall. They have room for a motorhome and have the electric hookups. They also have an extra room with a queen sized bed and room for 15 collies in indoor/outdoor graveled runs. There are plenty of extra crates, pens and ex-pens that could be used for temporary housing. They are located 20 minutes outside of Lebanon Indiana and currently there are many temporary job openings in the Industrial Park.

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Kay & Jon Ortega, Woodbridge Virginia

Kay and Jon Ortega can adopt at least two collies and foster several, who will have a big fenced yard to play in. They can come in and out of the house into the fenced yard at will. Inside the house there are large collie size beds in every room of the three level 5 bedroom home.

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Shannon Auten, New Castle, Indiana

Shannon would like to offer their home for fostering two dogs if they get along with each other. They have a large backyard for the dogs to run in and they also have experience in fostering.

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Karen Campbell, Lucas, Texas

Karen would be happy to help and could foster a couple of collies for awhile.  She live in Lucas, Texas which is near Dallas and she owns two collies.

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Anne Morris, Fairhope, Alabama

Anne lives just across the bay from Mobile, Alabama.  She is one hour from Pascagoula, one hour from Pensacola, 3 hours from New Orleans.  She can travel to local areas, or Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, Baton Rouge to pick up to transport, foster, adopt. She can also help transport on long weekends.

She has plenty of room at home and a fenced yard.  Her mom is 91, so Anne would prefer a larger and mellow, even older dog that won't be underfoot.  She currently has in the house, a 3 1/2 year standard poodle and three indoor cats (one indoor/outdoor) which are not de-clawed but are used to her bouncy dog.

Anne says she owned the sweetest collie ever, a rescue at 4, for 8 years.

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Rescue update

Wayne Lewis, Lubbock, Texas
District Director, Southern United States
American Working Collie Association

The American Working Collie Association is prepared to help all collies
needing assitance as an aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

AWCA can provide both financial assitance with vet bills and other
expenses for rescued collies and can provide supplies (crates, pens,
grooming, etc.) to assist in the care of collies in need.  They can also
help share information on where assitance is needed and where persons
or groups are able to provide assistance.

If you have specifics on collies needing assitance or on individuals,
groups, shelters, etc able to provide assistance, please let them know.

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Mary Beuchat, President Collie Rescue of Indiana


Collie Rescue of Indiana is able to assist with any number of pure bred collies. Our facility has 16 kennels and Mary's horse barn is available to house approximately 15 additional dogs assuming one or two can be doubled up. She also has room for 2-3 horses. They are located in Winchester Indiana. They have a great transport coordinator and contacts from the south to help move the dogs to safety.

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Linda Zeswitz, Northern Virginia

Linda has been doing rescue for over 10 years.  She is in the process of starting a collie rescue in Virginia.  In the meantime, she is working under an all breed 501C3 rescue named Homeward Trails.   She currenlty has a network of people who can foster. 
703-963-7329 (cell)
703-378-1746 (home)

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Ruby Smith, volunteer with the Humane Society of West Louisiana

Sept 9, 2005 -- Mo Roberts from the Board of Directors of Southland Collie Rescue in Southern California spoke with Ruby at the Humane Society of Western Louisiana regarding the year-old Collie in their shelter, she informed Mo that he was adopted .  Also, Ruby reported that all of the rescues are currently working in the disaster areas picking up the animals, so the Humane Society expects it will be 7 to 10 days until they have a more definite idea of what they'll actually be dealing with.

Ruby reports that they are fielding hundreds of calls from people effected by Hurricane Katrina because they are the closest Humane Society with a working telephone. They are located approximately 4 hours west of New Orleans in Rosepine, Louisiana. They are doing all they can but have a big space issue. They are taking as many strays from the area as possible but are having a difficult time finding room for the family owned pets that are having to be given up! These are people who have absolutley no choice but to give up their beloved pets due to this catastrophe. They are looking for help from Breed Specific Rescues to find homes for these dogs. Currently they have a collie that is a little over a year. Rescue groups please contact the Humane Society of West Louisiana.

Humane Society of West Louisiana
Ask for Rita
(337) -462-3321

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Harriett Pierce
-- We are pleased to report that on the way to Pittsburgh, Harriett was met in Cincinnati by Indiana Collie Rescue who took her four rescues.

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Karen Melton
has been very active coordinating rescue efforts throughout Alabama from Mississippi and Louisiana for thousands of animals caught in the natural disaster. She heard from Collie Rescue in Louisiana and their Collies are safe. Karen is trying to contact other groups and has coordinated with the Northshore Animal League in the state of Alabama to take animals from shelters so other animals that are in shelters in Mississipi and Louisiana with no place to go can be moved to safety.

To contact Karen and find out what you can do to help the rescue effort, e-mail her at

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Nancy Marcantel
Nancy wants pet owners to know that they have opened a pet shelter at
Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette, right next to the Cajundome. Evacuees
may bring their pets there for housing. They have PLENTY of food, water, crates, cages, bedding and newspaper. BUT the owners are responsible for feeding, watering, walking and medicating their own pets. Interested parties may call Lafayette Parish Animal Control at (337) -291-5644 for more information.

Also according to Nancy, many area vets are accepting animals right now, until they fill up.

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CCA MEmbers/Collie Lovers -- Status

Heather Anderson
Sept. 15 -- We received an email from Heather this morning. She reports that they had no problems from the Hurricane.

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Robert and Patricia Blakely
Sept. 4 -- Angie Gillespie received an email from Patricia. She said they did fine with the hurricane. There was just alot of wind and rain and they lost several branches off the trees.

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Cathy and Wayne Breaux, Jr.

Sept. 4 -- We received an email from Cathy and Wayne. They, along with their three collies, evacuated to Houston, but are now back home in Raceland, Louisiana.  The house sustained some damage to the siding, but otherwise all the rest of the damage was very minor.  They are happy to report that they do have electricity and phone service again.

Mary Catoir
Sept. 2 -- Audrey Tilden has reported to Angie Gillespie that Mary Catoir was okay.

Lise' and Alan Chaplain
Sept. 4 -- Angie Gillespie heard from Lise' today. She and Alan were able to get to their home in
Slidell. She was using the neighbor's cell phone. Basically they've lost everything. If you would like to help, you can send your donation to:

Jackie Young-Barikhan
21985 Trailway Lane
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(714) 612-1556

Jackie's email:

Sept. 3 -- Angie Gillespie heard from Lise'. They are going to stay down there since they can get supplies in. They have enough for a week. Lise' said they are in need of cash. She said to thank everyone for their generosity and support She's overwhelmed by everything. They are okay and she said they were blessed especially when you see the devastation in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  Alan her husband was able to get to their house in Slidell. There's quite a bit of damage,
mold is already growing. They've lost all their clothes, etc.  A large tree hit the roof and everything has peeled off. Only three columns holding up the front of her house. The neighbors are trying to help clean up. The dog room and runs are intact, just the windows are blown out. The backyard, shed, pump and dog yards are gone.

Sept. 2 -- Jackie Young - Barikhan heard from Lise' and she is OK. They had to use chain saws to be cut out a path to drive through to get out of her Mom's property. They were able to drive to a small town about 30 miles north called Amity and from there she was able to get cell reception. They  are running short on supplies. Jackie was able to reach her daughter, Molly,  who is on the way to bring her supplies coming from  Atlanta. Lise' was able to talk to a neighbor on the street where her  house in  Pearl River is located the morning of the storm approx  9 a.m.  He said at that time, the roof was coming off, so she is  not sure what may  be left. She is staying strong, but she left  with her 15+ dogs and enough clothes and supplies for only three days.

Therese Bryars
Sept. 3 -- Rayne Rockwell with Collie Rescue of South Louisiana reports that Tez evacuated to Georgia and her family and collies are okay.

Anna Dees
Sept. 6 -- According to Angie Gillespie, Anna and Tommy are okay. They rode the hurricane out at home. They have minimal damage and leaking to their mobile home. They do have power and water.

Sept. 3 -- Angie Gillespie reports that Lise' Chaplain received a text from Anna and they
are okay. She doesn't know where they are. They are worried about their property because they live really close to Woolmarket on the coast and it was wiped out. Lise' has two of her smooths that they all co-own and they are fine. The collies are just a little over a year old.

Angie Gillespie
Aug. 31-- District Director Angie Gillespie says they are fine and extremely lucky after riding out the 85 mile an hour winds and bursts.  They have electricity and phone. Luckily all the large trees that fell just tore up the fences and not the house.

John Hobby
Sept. 1 -- District Director Angie Gillespie talked to John and they are okay. They are without power and had some damage to their house.

Susan Lamn
Sept. 15 -- Pati Merrill reports that she received a phone call from Karen O'Brien. Susan Lamn was in her home for the storm. She evacuated with her two dogs, her older dog passed away. She is with her brother in Florida and may be going to Georgia until her house is repaired.

Cheryl Matlock, DVM
Sept. 2 -- No problems reported

Renee Millison
Sept. 3 -- Angie Gillespie has reported that she received an email from Renee.  She's fine just really tired. She works for Entergy (their power association) so they are busy with storm restoration duty, pulling about 16 hours a day until she doesn't know when.

Brenda Miramon
Sept. 3 -- Nancy McDonald reports that Debbie Holland got a call from Brenda. She's alive and her house is livable.

Karen O'Brien
Sept. 5 -- Karen Melton reports that until the government loosens up the borders, they can't get anyone out.  Karen O'Brien would have to travel northward and then eastward to get out.  With
all her dogs it is just too difficult.

Sept 5 -- Adria Weiner also talked to Karen O'Brien. As Karen Melton reported, she and dogs stayed home to ride out the storm. Karen O'Brien is okay, but is without power and water. She had a generator but thinks she may have damaged it by trying to cool off her dogs. Karen O'Brien is trying to make arrangements to get several of her rescue collies out to the collie rescue group. According to Adria, Karen seems more concerned for other collie people in her area then herself. Right now she needs fuel to make a run for supplies, but it sounds as if she has good neighbors who are all pitching in to help. She wants to thank everyone who has stepped forward to offer assistance and also let her friends know that she is okay.

Sept. 5 -- According to Karen Melton, Karen O'brian has been located.  She is still at home in Louisiana and her phone just came back on.  She is in a parish near Lake Pontchartrain.  Karen and her dogs and cats are okay, but she wants to leave and needs help.  She has
4 foster collies. They are trying to set up a situation to get them out of there. 

Sept. 2 --  President of Louisiana rescue. Sat out hurricane at home with several collies.  Status unknown.

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Mary Lee Oliphant
Sept. 2 --   Doing okay. Husband and collies okay.  No phone, no electricity.

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Harriet Pierce

Sept. 4 -- We are pleased to report that on the way to Pittsburgh, Harriett was met in Cincinnati by Indiana Collie Rescue who took her four rescues.

Sept. 2 --  Harriett will be en route to Pittsburgh, Penn. on Saturday with four rescues that need to be placed -- a sable male, 1 year old, neutered, microchipped, HW negative, a tri female, 3 years old, HW positive, spayed, a sable female who is recovering from hip surgery (she was hit by a car), HW neg, spayed, 2-1/2 years old, and a collie/border collie mix, HW neg, spayed, 4 years old. Harriett will leave from where she is staying in Mississippi on Saturday morning and as she travels north her cell phone service should be restored. If you can help her in any way, please give her a call at 504-554-1649 and leave a message and a callback number if she is unable to answer.

Kathleen and Joey Price
Aug. 30 -- Joey reported that he and Kathleen are fine. The phone works but they have no power and lost all their fences to fallen trees.

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Anne Sinclair
Sept. 2 -- District Director Angie Gillespie says they are fine and extremely lucky after riding out the 85 mile an hour winds and bursts.  They have electricity and phone. Luckily all the large trees that fell just tore up the fences and not the house.

Cathy Sims
Sept. 1 -- District Director Angie Gillespie heard from Cathy and she's doing okay. She has trees down and fence damage and was without power.

Joy Surkand
Sept. 14 -- Doraine Woods reports that she has been in contact with Joy and she and family are fine.

Brenda Thomas
Sept. 7 -- Angie Gillespie received an email from Brenda. She and her family are okay. They just got their power back last night. They lost some shingles and an old metal shed.

Audrey Tilden
Sept. 2 -- Audrey has reported to Angie Gillespie that she, the dogs and her house are okay. There is extensive tree damage and that she has her RV at a friend's house. She also reported that Mary Catoir was okay.

Tammy Ural
Sept. 1 -- District Director Angie Gillespie received a voicemail from Tammy, and she has made it from Jackson to Baton Rouge where they have found an apartment. Angie says that she has found foster care for Tammy's two collies in Baton Rouge but can't reach her by cell phone presently.

Leila Wachtel
Sept. 1 -- Leila is okay and at her daughter's house in Houston, Texas.

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Doraine Woods
Sept. 6 -- Doraine has contacted Angie Gillespie and she wants everyone to know that they are fine.

Sept. 4 -- Per GulfCoastNews, Doraine, Bruce & Jonathan Woods are listed as alive.

Sept. 3 -- Lise' Chaplain has not yet heard from Doraine but thought she could be at the hospital. Doraine is an RN.

Ann Wright
Sept. 6 -- Suzanne Berggren reports that she spoke with Ann and that she is fine. Ann thanks everyone for their concern.

How to Donate

Anyone can donate to the Collie Club of America's Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort. If you would like to donate, please send a check, payable to "Collie Club of America" no later than September 15, 2005 to the District Director in your state. Please be sure to indicate on your check, "Katrina Relief Effort" or similar.

List of District Directors

These donations are not tax deductible.

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External Links: Hurricane Katrina Animal - Related Resources

Cori Olsen, a sheltie breeder from the Pacific Northwest, has created a helpful website that contains Hurricane Katrina Animal - Related Resources.

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